[Collection] Official Still cuts + Videos from Sea Fog

BsOUIZwCUAA9SBM14/07/07 Motion Character Posters

14/07/04 Movie Daum – Promo Vid  + Making film

14/07/01 Captain (Kim Yun Suk)

14/06/29 MBC Let’s GO Travel Journal: Coming Soon Sea Fog (Producers + Casts’ comments)

14/06/27 KBS “I Love Movie” Making Film

14/06/23 First Official Trailer Released

14/05/28 First Official Poster Released (Park Yuchun, Han Ye Ri)

14/02/11 The Jun Jin Ho Crew (Kim Yun Suk, Park Yuchun, Moon Sun Keun, Kim Sang Ho, Yoo Seung Mok, Lee Hee Joon)

14/02/07 Hong Mae (Han Ye Ri)

7xuFV5 vzXaY8 vnAGaW nkcIz7

Credit: Various Source
Collected by: 6002Sky & MrPoutyLip

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