Commercial – Dongseo Foods Tio

2011 May Korea Federation of  Advertising Associations Best Creative Award

2011 Oct Nominated as Candidates for Korea Advertising Awards (the most authoritative in Korea)

2012 Seoul Film Advertising Festival TVCF Bronze Award

2012 Seoul Film Advertising Festival TVCF The Commercial of the Year Award selected by Netizens

2012 North America Tea Championship 1st Place (Tio, product itself)


Commercial – Ottogi Kissmyeon 

2012 Jan 2011 Korea Federation of Advertising Associations Best Creative Award Final list

Narration – MBC Special ‘The Hometown in Which I Used To Live’ broadcasted on the June 17th, 2011

2011 July 136th Korean Producers & Directors’ Association The Work of the Month Prize

Credit: Korean Wiki
Translated: Uttunfan
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